Thursday, May 24, 2007

What I've been writing lately...

While I had been used to writing for just a business audience, I'm now writing for the news page on business topics. My mentor at work keeps reminding me to "cast a wider net" when writing for page one. This sometimes hurts my brain, as stories take longer to write and are sometimes two and three parts. I was happy to just write a daily story on the chalk street painting festival...

Cribs and Bibs closing
By JENNIFER HUFFMAN Register Business Writer While a slew of construction projects promise downtown revitalization, one longtime retailer won t be around to reap the rewards. Cribs and Bibs is closing its Napa store at the end of May, said co-owner P...
May. 21, 2007

Retailers: Surviving the building boom
By JENNIFER HUFFMAN Register Business Writer Michelle Hawkins would like downtown to become a haven for retail business. Hawkins, owner of home furnishings store Haven, at 1307 First Street, is determined to make it in a challenging retail environmen...
May. 21, 2007

Asphalt canvas
Eyes glowing, the red-eyed tree frog appeared to jump off the pavement, his green legs poised for flight. The frog may have drawn with chalk on pavement, but mother-daughter artist-team Christine Pasadis, and Michelle and Jessica Fowler, managed to c..
May. 20, 2007

Coffee to go?
People are buzzing with coffee talk as Napa's Caffino drive-up coffee bar finds itself in the middle of the Bel Aire Plaza traffic conundrum. Bob Taft owns the 31-location Caffino chain. Bel Aire Plaza is the chain's first location, and remains its m...
May. 14, 2007

Popular north Napa shopping center squaring off with traffic, parking woes
A street runs through it, and that is the problem. Looking to manage congestion that will only increase when Whole Foods opens in January, Bel Aire Plaza's manager is considering a number of traffic changes at the north Napa shopping complex. While a...
May. 14, 2007

Friday, May 11, 2007

What I'm writing this week...

Elaine Bell serves up her 25th anniversary
The first clue that Elaine Bell Catering's 25th anniversary party was going to be something special was found in the parking lot of her south Napa business. A white 1947 Packard Clipper with a silver swan hood ornament greeted guests at the late Apri...
May. 6, 2007

Napan's part-time job is in the bag
To Jeannie Banducci, a handbag is much more than just a place to keep keys or a cell phone. This Napan designs custom purses, making them in a wide range of fabrics and designs, in styles for every taste. She offers clients a pile of swatches to pick...
May. 6, 2007

Saturday, May 05, 2007

10:05 pm: Yawn.

Finishing my last couple pages, it's time to toss the scraps, pack it up and head home to Napa. We had a great day, even if the ladies next to us got louder and and more obnoxious the later it got. (I swear no alcohol was involved.) More pics to come... This is Planet Claire signing off for now. Happy scrapping to all and to all a good night.

8:20 pm: Bad girl scrapbooking.

Pink polka dot skulls and crossbones. Rad!

4:30: Second Starbucks run.

Single shot decaf grande mocha. Back to Remember When.

4:15: Field Trip to My Daughter's Wish

Four of us scrappers took a little drive into Walnut Creek to visit My Daughter's Wish. This scrapbook store sold a wide variety and range of supplies, with one of the biggest 7 Gypsies assortment I've seen. Very eclectic and fun. They were having an all day crop too. $61.57 later, we were on our way.

1:30 pm: first project completed.

Mini Disney book. This only took me two years to complete. Next project: Girl Scout scrapbook. Small problem -- no printer at store to print pics off digital memory card.... Hmmm may take field trip to nearby scrap store to investigate other options.

12:20: Lunch time

12:20 pm: Lunch break. Table next to us features bowl o' candy causing sugar rush for nearby scrappers...

10:20 am: Make and take: National Scrapbook Day.

Our host Brenda, from Remember When, shows us our first make and take project, a paper bag/purse mini album. Some of us need more help than others folding our bag. "I like the bag project," said Mrs. Caruso. "It's very bohemian chic."

"Talk about recycling," said Mrs. Kelley. "It's a perfect Brownie Girl Scout project," she said knowingly.

One table over Mrs. White has already aquired a whole pile of new papers and stickers including Doddle Bug jewels, Pebbles Inc. Princess Flowers, and Autumn Leaves French Twist Rub-Ons. The 20 scrappers at the shop intently follow Brenda's cutting and folding instructions.

8:40 am: Packing up for National Scrapbook Day

Napa, 8:40am: Mrs. White's car is packed and our craft totes loaded. Stopped at Starbucks and hit the road. Next stop Pleasant Hill!

Friday, May 04, 2007

National Scrapbook Day!

Cinco de Mayo to some, National Scrapbook Day to others! I'll be blogging live from a 14 hour scrapbook marathon in Pleasant Hill at a store called Remember When. I'll be scrapping with Mrs. White, Mrs. Giaquinto, Mrs. Caruso and Mrs. Kelley so you know the day will be fun. Alcohol may or may not be invovled, but chocolate and trips to Starbucks will. I also hope to pirate any available wi-fi for other online purchases and shopping, including work on scrapbooks. Check this space for pics and comments.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

What I'm writing this week...

Smooth and sweet at Napa Chamber expo
Confetti, cards and ice cream contributed to a festive atmosphere at the Napa Chamber of Commerce Business Expo Thursday evening. Held for the second time in the Grand Ballroom at the Meritage Resort in south Napa, the annual event showcased 65 local...
Apr. 29, 2007

Next week, coverage of a fancy party I went to, Cinco de Mayo royalty and Banducci Bags!