Sunday, April 27, 2008

Now Voyager.

I'm on a major Star Trek Voyager kick. I Tivo'd the series as a season pass, so now I get at least two sometimes three episodes a day. I love Star Trek! Adventures into outerspace, a group of super-smart brianiacs on an intergalactic mission for peace and exploration, woman as Captain, a ready supply of food by replicator... woah. Too cool.
In the past five episodes, Voyager has battled with a group of abandoned Borg children, taken down some scam artists posing as Starfleet crew members and rescued B'Ellana Torres from shipwreck on some mysterious L class planet who's residents just happen to be English speaking Thespians.
Voyager is lost, off course a gazillion (or so) light years from Earth. All they want to do is get home. I can't remember how the series ended. Should I look ahead? I'm sure Wikipedia could tell me, but I think I'll wait.
Planet Claire out.

Scrapbook tag for Baby

I haven't done any baby scrapbooking in a while, so making this gift tag was fun. This paper is from the Making Memories "Garden Party" line, including die cut shapes and chipboard letters. Cute, cute, cute. Note to self: Do not spray Tattered Angels Pearl Glimmer Mist on stamping or writing in ink pen...makes a runny mess.
P.S. Congratulations Maureen and Alok!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Isn't she fabulous! All the way from Sau Paulo to Napa! Nothing says a party like Carmen Miranda. And Charo, who appeared shortly afterwards. What a combo.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Club 33

This year a new friend got us reservations at Club 33 and off we went for an amazing experience. While guests enjoy free admission (Park Hopper passes, no less), we were responsible for paying for our meal. Our lunch appointment began with our own "magical moment" as a departing Club 33 guest passed her Club 33 Mickey ears to my oldest daughter. Sweet! My friend had emailed me a copy of the dress code for admittance. It was enforced. A family arriving to dine at the same time we were was turned away due to flip flops and tank tops. But a crisis was averted when they returned about 25 minutes later wearing appropriate sneakers and t-shirts and were seated with no fuss.

It's hard to compare eating at Club 33 to other restaurants. This is an ultra-exclusive venue for members only, built specifically for Walt to entertain guests and VIPs. I wrote about the club last year as a reporter, but this was my first experience as a guest and diner. The prix fix meal included five entrees, with numerous trips to buffet for goodies, including dessert. They even had a kids menu offering chicken strips, Mickey shaped pasta and more.

Total lunch price for five of us? With tip: $400. Yowsa! But I'd do it again in a Mickey Minute.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Straighten up!

Found at the abandoned furniture graveyard of the newspaper: One faux leather black office chair. With bad posture.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


My Bestyville bag started ripping at the handles so I traded it in for this lovely girl. Juicy, juicy! Don't you just love her????