Sunday, October 28, 2007

Garage sale, halloween, shoes...

Here is my latest blog entry about our family garage sale and making Halloween costumes and new shoes… blah blah BLAH.

Here is what I really want to say:

I had my first really serious argument with my boss on Friday. It was about a project I was working on. I can’t be more specific but I disagreed with his direction. Of course, he is the boss. So what he says goes. And he is more experienced than me. So I have to believe that his way is right. But on Friday afternoon at 1:15, I did not.

Oh, I gave him a piece of my mind in the parking lot. And that is so unlike me. I like peace at almost all costs. I would never have told him my feelings so directly but I later realized why I did.

I love this job.

I love getting paid to ask nosy questions, and find out stuff before anyone else. I love that I don't have to put a spin a story in a certain way, just tell the story from start to finish. I love that every day is different. I secretly love it when someone says "I saw your story in the paper today." I love that even when I'm not working I look around me for something noteworthy or newsy that I can bring back to work. I love that when I'm at home I wonder if I'm missing out on something at work. I love the people I work with, even though my boss may not be at the top of that list right now.

So now what? I guess my boss and I will have “a talk” on Monday. Sheesh, I could be shown the door for all I know. But I hope not. Because I love this job and I want to keep doing this. And until now, I didn’t realize how much.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

$1395 coin purse.

Who wouldn't like to wear Chanel? But on your ankle?

Old news.

About a year ago, I teased Kevin about piles of old notebooks scattered around his desk.

Last week, we had a clean-up day at the newsroom. We were all in a toss-away mood that day. I was relentless in my vacuuming, wiping and cleaning. Then I started pulling my used notebooks out of my desk and... ummm.... this is what I found.

In case we ever get called to court on a story, we're not supposed to "hoard" notebooks. On that clean-up day, I gathered my notebooks up, 18 months worth of interviews, stories, phone calls and scribbles. I moved towards my garbage can. I knew I should do it. But I just couldn't. It'd be like throwing away all that work. Carefully, I filed them back in the bottom drawer of my 1970s yellow file cabinet.

I don't know what Kevin did with his old notebooks. But mine weren't going anywhere.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Do not eat this cake!

Found in the newsroom. Do not eat cake Norma. Please.

FYI -- the ad dept is selling holiday spec ads, so they do Christmas in October.