Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Miss Michigan takes crown...

Hellooooooo my Miss America sisters! How about that show last night??!!! I liked it. It was interesting to see how the producers really tied in TLC's "Reality" show with the actual competition night. Interesting, because 3 of the final 10 of last night were also named in the top 10 from TLC's 'Miss America Reality Check' show. Hmmmmmmm....

While Miss Michigan was not my top choice (I was rooting for Miss Washington, especially after her come hither vocal performace of 'Angels') I salute Miss MI anyway. Did ya know she's only 19 years old? Oh my. And her grandmother was named Miss Michigan in 1944. Awwww. Like it was meant to be.

A few notes from the show. Love how they sat the contestants on stage as they were booted off. And offered them donuts and chocolate.
My hands down favorite moment was Miss Utah's push up send-off as she was eliminated from the top 16. Awww... I bet if America voted for the winner, SHE'D be our new Sweetheart. I predict we will see more of Miss Utah. Notably missing from the show: a proper runway for our newly-crowned to take her traditional rose carryin' parade wavin' walk. Sniff.

Set your TiVo to see one of Miss America 2008's first appearances on Live! with Regis and Kelly, Monday, 9:00am.

That's it for now, my Miss America sisters. Whether your push-ups be on the ground or part of your underwear -- here's to you Miss America.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Miss America - the Top 10 predictions

The votes are in! The preliminary winners chosen! Right now in Las Vegas, 52 lovely ladies are checking gowns and sashes, hairspray and bobby pins, and practicing that pageant wave we love so much. From 52 the bunch will be narrowed to 15 and then precious final 10. Not to worry, everyone gets something -- each contestant receives a minimum $3,000 scholarship, just for showing up. Plus extra amounts for winning any preliminary competitions on the three nights before our #1 is named.

In previous years, as the pageant seemed to struggle to finance itself, Miss America endured a pay cut, but this year she'll once again receive the traditional $50,000 scholarship, plus all kinds of goodies to go with that. For her trouble, she'll spend the next year on a relentless speaking and engagement calendar, which for the current title holder included endless TV appearances, ribbon cuttings,ww meetings with the troops, scouts, schools, churches, businesses and hospitals.

If I could say one thing about Miss America 2007 Lauren Nelson -- that girl knows how to show off a crown properly! She wore it day in and day out ! On the head! Photo after photo, she was modeling her glittering prize. God bless her. Let's hope Miss A '08 keeps it up. And on.

'Nuff said. Here are my top 10 predictions.

1. Miss Connecticut
2. Miss Texas
3. Miss Massachusetts
4. Miss Michigan
5. Miss Iowa
6. Miss Rhode Island
7. Miss Nevada
8. Miss Florida
9. Miss Oaklahoma
10. Miss Utah

And what about Miss California? She usually makes the top 10. I haven't heard much about her this year. But she should be on your radar.

While Miss Alaska's not on the list, there's always the chance that viewers could vote her in as the people's choice candidate. A 16th finalist will be chosen based on votes on TLC's Miss America Reality Check website. I'd vote for Miss Utah if I could figure out where to vote on the site, argh. Miss Utah's a medic in the armed forces (not sure which one) and totally kicks a$$. She's also got a cute short haircut too. Her platform: Emergency Preparedness for Everyone. Now that's something we out here in earthquake country can really get our heads around. She might even include her crown in her emergency stash.

May the best, and most fabulous, woman win.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here she comes...

Miss America!

The most wonderful time of the year. Yes it is, my pageant friends. And our beloved one will soon be named in fabulous Las Vegas -- this Saturday, January 26 at 8:00pm.

A number of you (Tina) have asked my opinion of TLC's Miss America Reality Check program. Yes, I have been watching. And I actually like this show. Mostly because it gives us a little glimpse into who these girls are. Or want to be, I guess. When would the Miss America faithful ever get to know Miss Alaska like we have these past few weeks? Miss Alaska, darling as she's sure to be, is never a front runner for the crown. Not sure if she's ever made it into the top 10 or even 20. But on TLC's show, airing Friday's 10/9 central, we get to see some of the 53 compete in a number of "improvised" activities such as makeovers, style tips, runway walk lessons and other events. Votes are taken but no one is kicked off. And we get to meet contestants like Miss Alaska, who talks about herself too much, and offends a few other girls along the way. But who among us didn't do exactly the same thing when we were 20-something? Hello, raise your hands, I dare you.

Now I do take offense about the show's title and premise. "Miss America Reality Check." This would imply that America's Sweetheart is in need of a reality check. Says who? Do we really want Miss America to be "just like us"
NO ! That would be no fun, and boring, besides. We love her pageant hair, walk, and swimsuit just as she is, thank you very much. So some of themakeovers have been cute and the tips useful but you can be sure that come competition night, our ladies are back to their hair sprayin', chicken cutlet wearin', pageant wavin' old selves.
As you were ladies.

On Friday I'll post my annual top 10 predictions. If I can sneak away at work, I'll try and post some preliminary competition winner info. But until Friday, I leave you, my Miss America Sisters, with a wave of my wand and tip of my crown.

P.S. To Michelle: Miss South Dakota dreams in her lifetime, "to stand on the moon and watch the Earth rise over the horizon." Take that Miss North Dakota.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Miss America!

My dear Miss America fans. I have not forgotten you.
My Tivo watching of Miss America Reality Check has been sadly interrupted by such trivial things like homework and dinner and laundry.
But I promise to write about the show soon.
And our upcoming crowning which will be on January 26, a mere 11 days ** ELEVEN DAYS ** from today.
I see the union writers put a stop to the Golden Globes show. Ha.
I'd like to see those writers try and mess with Miss America. She'd let those them have it -- right in their own golden globes, if you get my drift.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A wine story.

I don’t like wine.
There, I’ve said it.
Around Napa Valley, those are fightin’ words. In a region economically dominated and largely supported by the wine industry it’s almost treason to speak so boldly. I could get locked up. Or run out of town by corkscrew wielding vintners with murder in their eyes.

I still don’t like wine.
Sure, it has a nice smell. A few sips are ok. Here’s something: I like grape juice! And Martinelli’s sparkling cider.
But Cabernet, Merlot or worse, Chardonnay? Yuck. Sour. Bitter. Blech.
Give me a 7-Up chaser, please.

Boy does the wine flows like water around here.
Wine at auctions, wine at dinner, wine at parties and ribbon cuttings and fundraisers. The wine selection alone at our favorite grocery store is four aisles deep.
Wine, wine, everywhere, and I don’t want a drop to drink.

Every once and awhile at a nice dinner someone will bring out a special bottle. It will be uncorked with great anticipation. It’ll be poured with great oooh-ing and ahhhh-ing. And I’ll think to myself, “This is the wine. This is the wine that will turn me into a wine lover. I will sniff it and swirl it. I will want to drink buckets of it and swim in it. I will finally understand why people love this fermented alcoholic juice.”
I will take a few drinks. But it’s no use. No matter how pleasant that first taste is, I don’t want more.
Nope, I still don’t like wine.

I’m stealthy about my wine aversion.
“Want some wine?” someone will ask.
“Oooh, no thanks. Gotta work tomorrow,” I say.
Or “What are you drinking, red or white?” Me: “Um, Pellegrino?”
Then come the questions.
“Don’t you drink??”
Oh jeez, now I’m in for it. Duck and cover. People can’t handle the truth. It’s inconceivable to them.
“Don’t like wine? Really? Nooooooo….”

Some may think I’m either an alcoholic or a real wine snob who only drinks the most exclusive vintages. Or I might come off as a teetotaling doo-gooder.
La dee da. Don’t care. I just don’t like wine.

In closing, I give my sincere apologies to good friends Michelle and Mike. These two LOVE wine. They adore it. We once spent a whole weekend in 1989 wine tasting in California’s central valley. I was bored to tears. Sorry about that guys.

Mike and Michelle once said they’d like to open their own winery.
I say go for it. Crush them grapes. I’ll enjoy the view.
With a Shirley Temple.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

I got the fever...

It’s early January and my Christmas Fever has broken. As past posts mentioned, I spent a good amount of time over the last eight weeks in a fury of crafting, baking and shopping. I had seasonal affective disorder – I'm talking about being possessed by the need to do it all and see it all.
No one to blame but myself. I enjoyed about 80% of it all, depending on the day. But now I find myself doing…. nothing much. No more urgent runs to Michaels craft store, no more consulting lists and counting gifts for the girls, no more holiday parties, wrapping, or creating more UPS deliveries to different states across the US. After eight weeks of intense preparation… I’m feeling a little aimless.
But maybe that’s what the season should be all about. Let it go. Take it all in. Don’t get crazy. Or not.
Scrapbooking anyone???

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Two weeks off!

Wow, amazing what two weeks off work will do for you! Sleeping in every morning... late breakfasts, drinking coffee all day long, watching movies every day. It was like every day was Friday night. My creative idol Mrs. White had a Girl Scout party at her house... and here's some shots of her trees. She also wrapped the two gifts in the previous blog entry. I can only aspire.