Friday, October 06, 2006

Found this week...

Found this week, at Wal-Mart.
Black trench coat with contrasting detail.

I don't usually look to Wal-Mart for much of anything, but after seeing this ad twice, once in InStyle and once in another fashion magazine, I investigated.

A trip to my local Wal-Mart revealed more than 20 of these black poplin coats with satin-like off-white piping. Sizes ranging up to 14/16, I believe. Price: $39.95. On sale on at $31.00, only XS. Turns out Wal-Mart sizes run large, I ended up with the XS, which says size 0-2. I'm usually more of a 4 or 6.

$39.95 was a bit more than I would want to pay for clothing from Wal-Mart, but this coat is cute. My middle daughter, the fashion forward one, also gives it a thumbs up.

Report from the playground to follow.

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