Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What I'm writing this week...

The health insurance story was hard to write. My first draft was 2,300 words, twice as long as it should be. My co-worker helped me edit it. It's hard to cut your own work...

Lot of these headlines start with Napa, don't they. It's intentional. My editor wants readers to be able to scan headlines and know a story is local. It's all about local coverage...

Local employers fight rising health care costs
Nov. 26, 2006

Napa retailers get wrapped up in holidays
Nov. 25, 2006

Holiday weekend kicks off shopping season for Napans
Nov. 28, 2006

Napa bookstore adds used books to shelves
Nov. 14, 2006

Building business: Seminary Street Commercial Condominiums
Nov. 21, 2006

Napa brothers light up holidays with ornaments
Nov. 20, 2006

Clothing boutique raises the bar on Main Street
Nov. 18, 2006

Napans size up the perfect Christmas tree
Nov. 24, 2006

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