Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Old news.

About a year ago, I teased Kevin about piles of old notebooks scattered around his desk.

Last week, we had a clean-up day at the newsroom. We were all in a toss-away mood that day. I was relentless in my vacuuming, wiping and cleaning. Then I started pulling my used notebooks out of my desk and... ummm.... this is what I found.

In case we ever get called to court on a story, we're not supposed to "hoard" notebooks. On that clean-up day, I gathered my notebooks up, 18 months worth of interviews, stories, phone calls and scribbles. I moved towards my garbage can. I knew I should do it. But I just couldn't. It'd be like throwing away all that work. Carefully, I filed them back in the bottom drawer of my 1970s yellow file cabinet.

I don't know what Kevin did with his old notebooks. But mine weren't going anywhere.


PortugePunk said...

this is awesome. i'm glad you didn't throw them away!

M-Kane said...

When I left Worldcom after six years, I had a stack of composition books with all my notes that I put on the floor and it was as high as my waist. I should have taken a picture. I couldn't take them (filled with all that secret Worldcom stuff)but I still use comp books today.