Friday, December 14, 2007

Love this bag!

Francis Ford Coppola decided to demolish some old building at his Rubicon Estates, so about 20 photographers, 10 reporters and a bunch of winery people were there to watch him do it. While FFC didn't actually do any demolishing, he posed for plenty of pictures and gave a speech. Meanwhile, I spotted this awesome handbag.
Hellooooooo lover.

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M-Kane said...

Hey Jen -- first love those pencil ornaments -- so clever! Second -- got the Huffman Christmas card - hey remember the Huffman Trader? I guess you guys really arn't traders any more. Which makes me think of Trader Joes and some things I do miss about CA. Specifically imported fruits covered with chocolate and fabulous breads, oh and interesting spreads and all those weird cocktail foods. But hey, do you have Walleye sushi or elk jerky -- noooooo. I'm okay now :-)

Loved the card -- you all look great!