Sunday, February 10, 2008


I’ve got a little collection of handbags, shoes and other accessory goodies, but there’s something else I love to collect. And while I don’t get to wear it much, I do love my furs.

Now before anyone gets their PETA-wearin’ panties in twist, I don’t buy fur. But only because I can’t afford to, ha ha. If someone handed me a gift certificate to a fabulous furrier, I would not say no to some new mink!

Fur is FIERCE. Fur feels so good. It’s so warm. And soft.

To wear a fur is to realize why they are decadent, luxurious and coveted (and hated) by so many. You feel like a million bucks. Or a movie star. Out here in California, there’s really not a big need to wear fur to keep warm. But as a fashion statement, there’s nothing finer than fur.

I have the luck of having been given several furs from good friends Larry and Linda. I believe one belonged to Linda’s mom and two belonged to Larry’s mom. Even though I love fur, I couldn’t tell you what kind of fur they actually are. Just deep dark brown. Short hair. Two are 1950s cape style and one a black wool coat with fur collar. Each has fine satin lining. One cape has the initials SG inside. Who are you SG? And where did you show off your fur?

When I wear the black wool coat, I think about Larry’s mom wearing the coat. Being basic black and nice wool, I’m sure it was a wardrobe staple. I should ask Larry if he has any pictures of her wearing it.

The labels on my furs just as interesting as the fur themselves.

-J. Schifano, The Furrier, Napa, Calif.
-Ted Marcuse Furs, San Francisco.
-Marcus, San Jose.

I googled all three and got nothing. Who were these furriers? Are they extinct like the fur business has almost become?

No matter. I’ve got my fur. And I will wear it well.


M-Kane said...

I love fur too!

I have my grandmothers fur coat -- it's squirrel. Really, it is. I took it to a furrier in Sacramento and she proclaimed it to be squirrel. That's a lot of little squirrels too. And so toasty warm -- you don't see many chilly squirrels now, do you? I also have Mike's grandmother's black otter coat which was in bad shape so I had them cut it into a pillow and a ski-bunny wrap around head muff. It's very Switzerlandish. Yep, fur is the kind.

Anonymous said...

My daughter inherited a Marcus Mink Cape. I have researched and found the store. The earlies record is June 1919. The shop was called Marcus the Furrier and it was in San Jose. It was super fun to read the old newspapers, if you are interested here is a link to one