Sunday, April 27, 2008

Now Voyager.

I'm on a major Star Trek Voyager kick. I Tivo'd the series as a season pass, so now I get at least two sometimes three episodes a day. I love Star Trek! Adventures into outerspace, a group of super-smart brianiacs on an intergalactic mission for peace and exploration, woman as Captain, a ready supply of food by replicator... woah. Too cool.
In the past five episodes, Voyager has battled with a group of abandoned Borg children, taken down some scam artists posing as Starfleet crew members and rescued B'Ellana Torres from shipwreck on some mysterious L class planet who's residents just happen to be English speaking Thespians.
Voyager is lost, off course a gazillion (or so) light years from Earth. All they want to do is get home. I can't remember how the series ended. Should I look ahead? I'm sure Wikipedia could tell me, but I think I'll wait.
Planet Claire out.


PortugePunk said...

My friend is an extra in the new ST movie from JJ Abrams. Should be neat to see! I love TNG the best!

CM said...

I love your blog, sweetie. I'll make sure to visit it and comment in it regularly!

M-Kane said...

Okay, I wish we had tv. Well, maybe not. I still like the vintage Trek when William Shatner wasn't all bloated and weird. Live long and propser (ala Spock) has always been a favorite saying of mine!