Monday, August 03, 2009

Latisse Update Week #14

I am now officially addicted to Latisse. Take it from a woman who once suffered from skimpy little lashes -- I now have va-va-voom flutter a la Jessica Rabbit. All thanks to my nightly eyelash painting.

You may have seen Brooke Shields hawking Latisse on TV or in magazines. "What does SHE need it for," you might ask. Don't let Brooke intimidate you, just try it -- you will like it.

PlanetClaire readers may recall I'm actually using a Latisse generic. It's called Lumigan and costs only half the price. It's ordered online from a Canadian pharmacy and comes from Allergan India. Well, it could come from Mars for all I care. This stuff is like crack for eyelashes. I gotta have it.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I must say Miss Jen, your lashes are THAT "Jessica"! I have a tough time concentrating on what we're talking about. Bravo for your patience; I like a woman who takes one for the team.