Thursday, April 08, 2010

Too Loud.

The other day my boss told me I was being too loud. Well, he didn’t tell me to my face. I got the news via Post-it note.

He came over to my desk as I was doing a phone interview and stuck a Post-it note on the edge of my computer monitor.

“Quieter please,” it said.

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Later, someone left a comment about the column:
notshocked said on: April 5, 2010, 2:17 pm
You may have the same complaint about a co-worker in the future. It was also polite -- he used the word please. Louder typing in response to his request was a bit insubordinate. Office space is always delicate.

In my humble opinion, you did the next-best thing in this situation... the only thing better would've been to thank him for the timely and specific feedback.
Dear notshocked:
You're right, I was unsubordinate. Lucky for me, I had my annual review the week BEFORE the loud episode. I'm hoping my boss will forget about it in the next 11 months.

P.S. My boss had final approval over the column. He was a good sport and let it run as is.

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