Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chooka boots!

How cute are these Chooka boots??!!!
I found them on sale at a funky shop here in Napa called WildCat. (WildCat doesn't have its own website but here is a Yelp site for the store). I looked online and saw there are bunch of other cool Chooka boot patterns like geisha, tattoo and voodoo. Neato! I got lots o' compliments on my Chooka boots today.
Chooka, chooka, chooo chooo!!


Green Girls of said...

those boots ARE made for walking! they are super cute. thanks for posting the pictures with them. Here is Florida, we can always use good rain gear :) Keep on blogging! Angie

{april kennedy} said...

I have the turquoise tattoo ones! love them! yours are cute too.