Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ursuline Girls forever...

Today my mom and I headed over to Santa Rosa to Ursuline High School to celebrate 130 years of our school, but to also say goodbye.
The school has closed, which means the class of 2011 will be the last to graduate as Ursuline Girls.

We met friends Kathy, Cherie and Paige at the picnic tables; our old lunchtime hangout.

Later we gave ourselves a tour inside the school.

My mom worked at UHS for 12 years, so we also visited some of her old classrooms.
Grandma Sue checks out the old Chemistry lab.

The library. Another favorite hangout for me, especially freshman and sophomore years...

The quad...
I was hoping to get a pic by my old locker, but no luck, the doors were locked.

The school may be closed, but the saying is still true:
Once an Ursuline Girl always an Ursuline Girl!

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