Sunday, August 21, 2011

Me me me time...

Pam Reid, the Register's most dedicated postcard correspondent,
gave me a piece o' her mind about my latest column.

In case you can't read her writing:

"Jennifer Huffman:
Sorry, but your ungrateful daughter cannot be excused for deliberately prolonging her mom's separation anxiety. A part of her growing-up obligations requires her to set aside her me-me-me time to call and talk with Mom --- & Dad who are the primary "givers" who gave her all this me-time. For your daughter to add insult to injury by placing a prank call deserves a sincere apology from the little darling. Texting is not a substitute for a voice-connecting phone call & this daughter should be made aware that robotical communications(*) with family is unacceptable.

Pam Reid"

* I don't think Pam knows what "butt-dialing" really is.

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