Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A tour of a Napa landmark...

Grandma Sue and I got invited to an open house at this amazing home in Napa. 
Originally built in 1850, it is located next to the library and is known as the Captain Andrew Sampson house.

There are two giant sequoia trees in the front yard estimated at 150 years old. According to one website, when the house was being renovated, 70 bottles of wine were found in the basement wrapped in Prohibition-dated newspaper.

Today it is a private home but also serves as an office for a local financial planner. 

Grandma Sue outside the home...I love how every window has a wreath and light!

 The perfect place for a train!

 The office (inside a former dining room). The screensaver on these two monitors is another exterior shot of the home.

 Modern kitchen!

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