Thursday, February 09, 2012

Pam Reid hates couponers too!

After I ran a reader note in our newspaper looking for Napans that love to coupon, our local postcard-writing curmudgeon Pam Reid sent me another one of her communiques:

Jennifer Huffman:
Re: your item "Crazy for coupons?" in today's Register, don't forget to emphasize that these coupon women and literally crazy. And you, Ms. Huffman, should not be glorifying craziness in those crazies, nor should you be promoting greediness & the hoarding mentality (a form of craziness) in those wanna-bees out ther who already belive in evey scam that finds its niche in Napa. In addition to crazy-making, Napans are so gullible & wishy-washy that they will take what we think is going to be one of your "cutesy" columns & they will run in a frenzy with their greed-propelled legs to stock up on massive quantities of things (mostly junk) they do not need & cannot use in a sane manner. So, THINK before you promote GREED!
Pam Reid. 

We knew Pam doesn't like immigrants, gays, dogs or kids. And now we know she's against coupons too. 

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