Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day walk

I had a very nice Mother's Day picnic with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Bob and two-thirds of the Huffman girls.

However, the day started out a little rocky.  

Oldest daughter did not want to get out of bed to go to church with her family. 
They say humor can be a moms best weapon with teenagers. So, I literally JUMPED on her bed while singing LOUDLY in an attempt to get her going. 
And then I threatened to take her car keys away if she did not go. 
For how long? she asked. 
Until graduation, I said. 
Fine, she said.

20 minutes later, we were all on our way to church. 

In the middle of Mass she informed me she had "forgotten" to do an assignment and would need all afternoon to work on it. 
Fine, I said. 
At least I got her to go to church. 

Here are some pics from a fun picnic we had later that afternoon at Jack London State Park in Glen Ellen.

You can see why he called it "Beauty Ranch." 

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