Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Root... canal

Root Canal.

Ugh. I hate even typing those words. My dental phobia has been documented in my column but that doesn't mean I'm over it.

Today my favorite dentist tells me I need a root canal. This is not what I expect my favorite dentist to tell me. I prefer a tender pat on the hand and a "see you in six months." 

Instead, he uses those two words: root canal. 
Even worse, he's sending me to a different dentist called an endodontist.  That's a fancy word for Dentist Who Does Only Root Canals.

The Endodontist said I can have IV sedation for my root canal. 
I'm happy to hear this.
 Last time I had IV sedation was when my wisdom teeth were pulled. The nurse started my IV and I never even saw the dentist. Still have no idea what he looks like. And that's OK with me. I don't want to get to know a bunch of new dentists. 

Especially ones that Only Do Root Canals.

I asked my favorite dentist if he could come with me to my root canal. Could he assist with the procedure?  Could he just watch over the endodontist's shoulder? He laughed like I was making a joke. 
I was sort of not joking.

I'd like to pretend this isn't happening to me, so if I never post again about my root canal, you'll understand.

Root Canal.

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