Sunday, January 28, 2007

Miss America Top 10 - 2007

I'm coming off a high from watching almost four hours of CMT Miss America programming, including Pageant School, Total Access: Jennifer Berry, and various other CMT shows, leaving me with my fill of Miss A info but the additional side benefit of learning all about what Kelly Pickler, Keith Urban and Sarah Evans are also up to these days. Who knew?

But the highlight of the programming was seeing just how frequently Miss America 2006, Jennifer Berry, wears that sparkling jewel of a crown on her head. A LOT. During obligitory speeches, of course. But she also wore her crown while simulating a military truck attack, shooting a music video, visiting a hospital AND MORE. For a die-hard crown enthusiast like me -- well it just doesn't get any better ... Unless I was wearing her crown, hee hee. Jennifer Berry -- YOU ROCK !!!

Ok, time's up!
My Miss America Top 10 Predictions for 2007:

Miss Oklahoma
Miss Texas (first year competing in pageants!) My favorite.
Miss Hawaii
Miss Nebraska
Miss Pennsylvania
Miss California - she always makes the top 10
Miss Rhode Island - won Quality of Life award
Miss Arizona
Miss Alabama
Miss Arkansas - won CMT's Pageant School competion.

If you haven't found your way to CMT, there's still time. Get out your Tivo and make your To Do list... and I'll talk to you when it's all over.

Miss Cherryview Court

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Anonymous said...

Is there not a Miss Guam this year?

A dark horse, perhaps, this Miss Guam?

We love Miss Guam.

The Fork