Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Super Mario tapped as Miss America Host

The Miss America Organization (MAO to the familiar) has curiously chosen Dancing with the Stars hoofer Mario Lopez to host the crowning of America's Sweetheart on January 29 in Las Vegas.

Lopez, an Animal Planet host and more recently the energizer bunny inspired competitor on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, produced no quotes about his newest gig, only that he didn't plan to sing the pageant's "There She Is, Miss America" theme made famous by longtime Miss America host Bert Parks.

"I really don't sing," Lopez said. "I like to sing, but I don't sing well."


Dear Mario. Cute as you are, you're no Bert P.
I loved it when Donny and Marie hosted. Even Wayne Brady, whom I'm afraid was not asked back due to his sly spoofing of the whole event.

And then there's the date. Miss America 2007 will be crowned on a Monday night. First Miss America's pimped out to CMT. Now she's regulated to a Monday, A MONDAY night! Sacrilege! Everyone knows Miss America is crowned on a Saturday night -- and preferrably in Atlantic City. But I won't go there. In this post.

My good friend Grace points out that as a journalist I am theoretically eligible to apply for press credentials to "cover" the competition. Imagine. Me and my little notebook front and center at The Show. My official Miss America crown proudly pinned to my jacket. Taking notes with an official MAO pink feather topped pen. I can just see it now.

Stay tuned, my crown comrades. More Miss America to come.


M-Kane said...

You know, Little House on the Prairie used to be on every Monday night at 8pm so I don't think it's too much of a dig for The Miss A show to catch the Monday spot.

Maybe in LHOP's honor, the candidate (are they called candidates??) from South Dakota will win!! Because you know it (LHOP) was really in De Smet, SD and not the fictionalized Walnut Grove, MN.

You know who I'll be rooting for!!

Anonymous said...

What HAS this world come to?? A teen star from Saved by the Bell given the coveted position of crowning the Royal Miss? He learns to dance and our reality-TV-loving America allows him to host Jennifer's beloved pagaent.

No mention of allowing bikini-clad candidates. Now that is a change! The moral decline of the crown!

I'm rooting for Mrs. Caruso, one piece and all!