Sunday, September 30, 2007

A 10 year-old's lament...

"Dear Mom and Dad"
By Allie H.
(Sung in dramatic opera style.)

Mom & Dad - we're sick of doing chores! We're tired of having no allowance!
We need at least $20...... so give it to us right now!
(guitar solo)
We don't like picking up poop or washing dishes!
So stop right now!
Or we will rebel!
We want allowance to buy stuff and have cool things.
We want to watch Hanna Montana! Whenever we want!
Take us to the movies!
Let us get sick of candy!
LET US GO ON CLUB PENGUIN and get brainwashed.

(To be continued...)

1 comment:

Gerald said...

Wow! she never ceases to amaze me!