Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back to School: Week 2

6:07 am -- my alarm clock goes off. I drag myself out of bed. I'm dead.

got a good 7 hours of sleep the night before but I feel like I could sleep at least 3 more hours. During the summer, I was getting up about 6:45 am and always felt so rested. What is is about that extra 38 minutes that is killing me?

Is it because I know how freakishly busy I will be all day? There was no easy transition from summer vacation to school this year. Almost daily volleyball practices started immediately, homework like a vengeance and additional work from my second job. Not to mention making dinner that all five of us like (impossible!), finding time for the treadmill and breaking up constant battles between the girls.

Makes me want to HOLLA !!!!!!

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