Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My new keyboard

Isn't it slick? My other Mac keyboard at work was dying, so I asked for a new one. This is what I got. It's super thin and feels like butter when you type. Flat, flat, flat. I love it.


PortugePunk said...

I use one of these at home and I really love it. My only complaint is the new layout of the F-keys at the top. Now the dashboard keys and Exposé keys are in a different place than where they are on my keyboard at work and my brain gets confused going back and forth!

M-Kane said...

This keyboard is like roadkill -- flat but still interesting! I miss working on a Mac. You know I sold some of the first Mac's at the SJSU College bookstore -- I remember the Mac Plus -- an all in one unit with a little, baby screen. Then they came in color -- whew! That was a big deal.