Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Political poetry or Hillary’s greatest hits

Hillary Clinton campaign email subject lines from the past 15 days:

-Great news

-The next debate

-Victory in Florida

-I want to hear from California

-An incredible night


-Something amazing

-You touched my heart

-What you and I know

-Bright lights and speeches

-What it takes to win in Texas and Ohio


-Critical momentum

-An incredible feeling


1 comment:

M-Kane said...

Wouldn't it be fun to compare these to OB and McCain's last 5 emails. Or maybe we could pretend what they said. I didn't get any. Being a Libertarian is sort of bust during the presidential campaigns so I look for those candidates that support Libertarian philosophies. But since there really aren’t any, we will see how Hill / OB plays out and go from there. We might even get to seem them at the SD primary in June. Wouldn't it be somethin' if SD chooses the next demo-pres elect??