Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Donuts and dreams.

I think I might suffer from some kind of identity crisis. Everyone else’s lives always seem far more interesting than my own.

I was at a breakfast at Boon Fly Café the other day with a colleague. This is not an everyday outing for me. I’m lucky to eat a hot breakfast any day of the week, and a restaurant meal is always a treat. Plus, it is a known fact in Momland that food made and served by someone else always tastes better. Anyway, as we were about to bite into the Boon Fly’s famous cinnamon sugar donuts, served hot from the fryer, a youngish couple without children came into the restaurant.

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{april kennedy} said...

Loved this article too! Glad I'm getting the paper again...oh what I have missed in Surrending to Mommyhood!

P.S. I have flown to San Clemente, for the day, to get my hair highlighted. I was with a pilot's wife though and we had free airfare on Southwest. But it did seem way too glamourous for two mommies like us. We ate every minute of it up!