Friday, December 11, 2009

Face the facts Missy!

Reporters at our newspaper have had the distinction of being the target of scathing and frequently bigoted postcards from an infamous local letter writer.
Collections of her plain white postcards, scrawled by hand, and without return address, have been taped to computer monitors throughout the newsroom as a dubious badge of... honor.
I had not had the pleasure of receiving such a missive, but secretly always wished I would. Today, my wish came true. I will treasure this forever.
(Letter below. Original story link here.)

Jennifer Huffman:
“If you want to humor a mentally deranged woman having a love affair with her dog, that’s between you & them but, please don’t hold up crazies as a “cute” human interest story. Napa has already gone to the dogs with most of its population fixated on four-legged animals who now have the distinction of being passionate lovers of their owners & vice-versa. It’s craziness parading around in the owners’ own fantasies. These fantasies have materialized into brazen public displays of passion & adoration between mentally confused owners & their bewildered, overfed dogs, majestically pooping in our front yards & in the messy homes where they are adored by sick people. Face the facts, missy!”

Pam Reid

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