Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Family Circle, July 1977

This July 25, 1977 issue of Family Circle features some hot topics:

"How to stop family fights"
"Easy knit and crochet fashions"
"Stencil magic"
...and this fab photo feature on summer tote bags. Makes me want to grab one and head on down to craft store and pick out some macrame string and a gritty brown fired ceramic mug.

FYI - Grandma Sue has kept this copy because several of her favorite recipes -- including a quick-n-easy lo mein -- are hidden within. The main ingredient of the dish is Top Ramon noodles but hey, let's not look down on the lo mein. Last week she made a big ol' vat of the noodle goodness and we wolfed it down like nobody's business. Grandma's lo mein rocks.

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