Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Annabelle and I started geocaching. If you haven't heard of this, geocaching is kind of like a high tech treasure hunt. Using GPS coordinates, players around the world look for hidden "caches". Once you find a cache, you trade little trinkets inside it or sign little log. It's so much fun!
After a few days of on and off searching, we found our first cache at the Napa Library yesterday. Actually, Annabelle found it. What a rush!
The mini "cache" container was attached to something metal (don't want to give it away) using a magnet to hold the metal cache in place. Inside the little mint tin was this tiny log and a few little trinkets. More than 50 people have signed the log, from as far back as 2008. Very cool. We took a crystal and left a quarter.
At home we logged onto to log our visit.
A friend at work and I are looking for another cache hidden at Fuller Park in Napa. Annabelle is dying to find another cache.
Updates to follow...

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