Tuesday, November 22, 2011


What can I bring for Thanksgiving, I asked my mom.
Hmmmm, how about the cranberries, she said.
Cranberries? I said. Ugh. 
I'm not a big cranberry fan, let alone cranberry eater. 
Cranberries are bitter. They taste like pink colored acid. 
Even the name sounds awful.... craaaaaanberries. 
Double ugh.
Now did I stop to consider for a minute that Grandma was doing all of the cooking for our annual feast? That she was hosting our family get-together?
She was doing most of the work, and all of the organizing. Family friends and guests were coming.
All I had to do was bring one little dish of cranberries. 
Was that really such a big deal?
After a few hours of pouting, I decided to get a grip.
How hard would it be to make a simple cranberry dish?
I mean, you just buy a bag of cranberries and put them in the blender, right?
I can do this, I thought.
You could say I got a bit of a cran-attitude. 
I'll take those cranberries and show them who's boss, I said to myself.
I would become a cranberry connoisseur.
This would become my own Project Runway challenge. I'll call it "The Cranberry Episode"

Hey craaaaanberries. Watch out.
I am so onto you. 

To be continued....

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