Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cranberry cook off

Well here we are on Thanksgiving day and it's cranberry cookin' time.
My attitude about cranberries hasn't changed much, but I am determined to make those little red berries MINE. 

I found a recipe online (
and after a quick trip to Safeway I was ready to go.

 The cranberries actually look pretty. They're a nice deep red color...
I give them style points for appearance.
 I like this recipe because it lets you add whatever you want to the mix.
In this case, I'm going for raisins, pecans and fruit. 
I do NOT want a bitter, sour tasting cranberry sauce!
 Pecans.... yum!
 Cranberries in sugar water, at a boil...
 Adding pecans...
 And now some raisins...
 The frozen fruit...
 And finally, everything mixed together.
A taste test tells me that the sauce is not tart at all -- it's got just enough sweetness, thank goodness! 

I'll post the final dish once it cools enough....

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