Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mom's brag post

Fair warning: this is post where I will brag about my kid. Now some of you might read this and think "borrrringgggg," and that might be true. But let's be honest. Every mom's own kid is the most interesting to her than any other mom's kid. It's just the way of the world.

It's a mom's prerogative to brag. I mean, as parents we must be hardwired to do it. It's some kind of biological thing. And if we didn't want to brag, wouldn't that mean something in itself? Like we didn't care enough?  So you've been given fair warning. I'm gonna brag. So here it goes:

Our oldest daughter got her first college acceptance! Acceptance! To COLLEGE! 
Woo hoooooooo.  Insert triple fist pump here!!! 

Now I know this is starting to happen to every senior in America. But this is the first time it has happened to US and boy is this exciting! 

Oldest Daughter has been accepted to Distinguished Art School in Oakland, Ca. Naturally, said Distinguished Art School is also Very Expensive. But fear not, she has been offered a merit scholarship to attend.  Insert quadruple fist pump here!!!  How cool is that????? 
Now it's not enough to pay for the whole thing, but boy, does it help. It brings the cost of attending down from Impossible to Slightly More Possible (with financial aid, cashing out of life insurance policies, student loans and one or more family member not eating for the next four years.)

We got the news on Friday afternoon and I have been in a daze ever since.

Next up: the all-important FAFSA.

To be continued....

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