Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pam Reid on ticks


More from my biggest fan Pam Reid:

Jennifer Huffman:
Re your column in today's Register, we have to wonder why you, or anyone with a modicum of intelligence, would allow & tolerate any thing, person, or animal that brings lfeas & now ticks, into your home.
Your daughters' reactions are normal.
Your reactions are unbelievably abnormal.
You are putting your entire family in jeopardy by allowing them to make room for ticks, & then compounding the dangers by introducing poisons into the air everyone is breathing into their lungs.
In Napa, no one will dare to say dogs carry too many germs in addition to harboring fleas, ticks & who knows what else. Why the denial? Because humans have, outside of Napa State Hospital (Asylum), have gone off the deep end & now worship the flea-infested, tick-infested drooling, pooping dogs!
Pam Reid

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