Tuesday, January 26, 2010

They are very proud of the final product and announced they would wear their aprons when they work at the 7th grade class spaghetti feed next week.

If you are thinking you'd like to tie on a cute apron of your own, visit Funky Vintage Kitchen on Etsy.com where April Kennedy makes and sells the cutest aprons. I am doing a story on April and other local etsy sellers... April also makes cute earrings and rings out of buttons. Czech her out.


Michelle Kane said...

Cute aprons! Hey, do you remember my XO friend, Libby Petter (now Zaine)? She sells very cute market bags on Etsy. I bought a couple for Christmas presents. She lives in Pleasanton so not sure if that's local enough. It's under Mary Ann Designs (after her mom).

{april kennedy} said...

Their aprons turned out darling! And they look so proud of themselves....you all should be so proud. Thanks for the link love. I'm sewing all weekend. You should stop by with the girls if you want. Stocking the Etsy shop all next week.