Saturday, January 30, 2010

Miss America 2010 ?

At this moment, 53 young women in Las Vegas are being primped and primed to within an inch of their lives for tonight’s crowning of America’s Sweetheart -- our Miss America.
Me? I’m sitting here wearing my cleaning clothes and smelling like the fresh scent of Pine Sol and Windex after our weekly house cleaning. I’m feeling sooooo G L A M O R O U S right now.

My Miss America Top 10 predictions:

Miss Michigan
Miss Oregon
Miss California
Miss Puerto Rico
Miss New York
Miss Virginia
Miss Oklahoma
Miss North Carolina
Miss Hawaii
Miss Texas

Miss America fun fact: According to Clinton Kelly from last night’s Miss America pre-show more Miss America’s have won the title wearing a white dress than any other color. Hmmmmm. I know I will be watching the top 5 tonight to see who is in white.

Miss America makes her runway debut tonight on TLC, 5pm Pacific Time.
Get out your crowns!

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