Monday, January 25, 2010

Surrendering to Motherhood is nothing.

So I’d finally gotten back into the groove at work after my holidaze and then — wham — I got all distracted all over again.

A mom I recently met told me about a blog that really inspired her. You should read about Nie Nie, my new mom friend said.

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{april kennedy} said...

I cried reading your article. I had a feeling that an article would appear at some point after reading about her. How could it not. She is life changing for most who read her. I couldn't stop talking about her after I 'found' her blog. And it sounds like you were touched deeply too. I swear we could start a womens society called the Nie Nie Society focusing on embracing motherhood....there is a lot we can learn from that woman. I am so glad you are enjoying her and her sister's blog! Your article was beautifully written and heartfelt.