Sunday, June 06, 2010

Auction Napa Valley roots.

What can I say about an event where auction lots regularly went for $100,000 and above? A man two tables away from me calmly bid more than $150,000 for an Aston Martin sports car with some wine thrown in. Retired CEO’s and other bigwigs from across the country were raising their paddles like there was no tomorrow. One businessman/investor spent $340,000 on a single auction item.

At our girls’ school annual gala, we are thrilled to raise anywhere near $10,000 for our Fund a Need auction item. For the Fund a Need auction lot at Auction Napa Valley, bidders raised $765,000 in less than ten minutes. Gulp.

During the event, this mom/reporter --who’s usually scrambling to prepare the nightly dinner around three main food groups; chicken, pasta or Mexican food –- sampled all manner of fabulous delicacies including lobster, caviar, quail eggs, octopus, scallops, and more. Note: one new fancy food trend seems to be serving baby organic radishes, with the dirt still on the roots. I guess in their efforts to impress the high rollers, the chefs have exhausted every other possible food combination, so there’s only thing left to do. They’ve gone back to their roots.

Shown here are pics of the auction centerpieces and the homemade ice cream sandwiches from the French Laundry, personally delivered by Thomas Keller himself. Yeah, that’s right, Thomas Keller gave me an ice cream sandwich – along with a wink.

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