Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drug house update

How about this makeover? The junk is gone and a "for sale" sign hangs in the front yard of the former marijuana grow house next door. The investor who bought the home spent two weeks fixing it up. It was bought at auction for somewhere around $350,000. He has listed it for $429,000.

We walked inside it at an open house last Sunday. This guy really knows what he is doing. He did just enough to make the home show good without going overboard. New countertops and kitchen appliances, but no fridge. Clean windows, but no window coverings. New tile in the kitchen, but same old tile in the entryway. Halfheartedly "staged" with a few pieces of furniture here and there. Clean but barebones backyard. New, but cheap carpet. Painted the front of the house, but not the rest. His crew also cleaned up the illegal unit in the garage but left the bathroom and mini bedroom in place.

Here's hoping for some good new neighbors.

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