Friday, August 20, 2010

A new boss.

I really liked my old boss. He was a good guy - a stand-up guy. My old boss and I got to know each other pretty well by sitting about 6 feet away from each other for almost five years.

I knew he was messy when he ate. I knew he always started yawning around 2:30 p.m. (which always caused me to start yawning). My old boss liked to get a certain Chinese chicken dish from a restaurant down the street. He'd call and the lady at the restaurant knew exactly who he was from his voice. Over those five years my old boss and I became friends. He laughed at my jokes. He was kind when he edited my stories. He didn't get mad at me when I broke his Mike Grgich bobblehead. He didn't boss me around, not too much.

Now I have a new boss. He's been here three weeks. He sits 6 feet away from me. He does not seem messy when he eats. He does not yawn. He does not get Chinese food for lunch.

My new boss is not the same as my old boss.
I might be ok with it, in about five years.

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