Monday, August 16, 2010

One World Futbol

Who knew something as simple as a ball could make such a difference? Read on for a story I wrote for today's Register about a new kind of soccer ball, marketed from Napa.

One moment provides spark for One World soccer ball

Napa Valley Register
Monday, August 16, 2010

It was the TV images of African refugee children kicking wadded up bits of trash taped together to create a makeshift soccer ball that first got inventor Tim Jahnigen’s attention.

At the time, Jahnigen happened to be wearing an early pair of Croc-like material shoes. An inventor, as well as songwriter and music producer, “I was fascinated by the properties of this material,” he said. As he watched the documentary about the refugee children playing, “I had those shoes on my feet and it just hit me like a thunderbolt. I can use this material to make a ball.”

Jahnigen was inspired to create an indestructible soccer ball — that would never wear out, never go flat, and never need a pump. Such a “futbol” would let people to play soccer anywhere.

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