Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We are having drama in the Huffman home tonight. I think work-at-home Dad has had it up to HERE with a certain new 13 year old's A-TI-TUDE. They're bickering like two people that have been stuck in the house together too long. Like a whole summer too long.

I thought the girls would have struck out on their own more these past few summer months. There are three bikes parked outside. Why don't they get on the bikes and go wherever they want? When I was their age (here we go) I rode my Schwinn all over Sonoma County for hours at a time. No cell phone. No checking in. The library was my other hangout. These girls seem to want the action to come to them. Or have Mom personally escort them to where it's happening.

They cling to home. What are they doing all day? They sure aren't cleaning their rooms or making their beds. They've pecked away at their summer homework assignments, but they're not done yet. We're not letting them sit for hours by the TV, that's for sure.

I hope one of their teachers makes them write that essay "What I did on My Summer Vacation." I'd sure like to know.

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