Friday, July 30, 2010

Get Uncommon!

Check out the cool iPhone case PlanetClaire ordered! It was made on After you log on to you can download any .jpg image to design your own iPhone case. I had my husband create a collage of a bunch of different .jpgs in Illustrator, then flatten/save the collage as a single .jpg image. Then I uploaded my collage image on the site, manipulated the size/positioning of my image, and ordered my case. Super easy. The cost is $39.95 plus shipping.

My case arrived today and it's fantastic. It's a very hard plastic material that fits the iPhone snugly. The Uncommon case is way better than my pink Kate Spade rubber case, which stretched out after using it for a only a few months. Boo Kate Spade! Yeah Uncommon!

1 comment:

Julie said...

Wow, I love this Iphone case. I think I will be getting a new Iphone soon and I will have to remember to look this up again because I would love a case like that!!!