Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Waco Mammoth Site

More from Texas...
On our way from Dallas to Boerne (near San Antonio) we stopped in Waco. A colleague had recommended we visit the Waco Mammoth Site. The story is that about 68,000 years ago some Columbian Mammoths and their babies had been trapped in a gorge or gulley during a flood or some such event. They were preserved for thousands of years before their bones were discovered near Waco in 1978.

Today, the City of Waco and Baylor University run the park, which only opened to the public six months ago. It features a welcome center, walking paths, and huge building that contains a dig site featuring only some of the many Mammoth bones found. The museum is on track to become a national park, and it already looks like one. Everything about it is first class, from the maps to trails and displays. If you are anywhere near Waco, you have to check out the Waco Mammoth Site.

I've also attached some strictly amateur video from our visit:

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