Thursday, July 15, 2010

I lied.

I lied when I posted the two Texas pictures from last week. We were still in Texas when I posted them... but I wrote the blog entry as if we were back in Napa already. Sneaky, eh? I didn't want the burglars to know we weren't at home, even though we had a house sitter. So sorry for that little white lie.

We really are back home now. And we had the best Texas trip ever. Fun, fun, fun. Visited tons of family on both sides and made the most of those seven days we were gone. Below are a few pics, more to come.

You know they say everything is big in Texas. And it's true. Big state. Big trucks. Big weather (hot, humid, sticky). But it was also big in family. Wish we could have stayed longer for more "big love" in Texas!

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