Thursday, January 03, 2008

Two weeks off!

Wow, amazing what two weeks off work will do for you! Sleeping in every morning... late breakfasts, drinking coffee all day long, watching movies every day. It was like every day was Friday night. My creative idol Mrs. White had a Girl Scout party at her house... and here's some shots of her trees. She also wrapped the two gifts in the previous blog entry. I can only aspire.

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Michelle said...

Holy Free-holy, it's like looking at a Macy's ad. Very lovely though.

I'd send you a picture of our tree with it's eclectic array of ornaments that Mike and I have exchanged for the last 17 (whoo hoo) years, Jack’s ‘holiday’ art projects, Shrinky Dink’s from my childhood (remember those), Skinner's old bandana, candy canes and this cute glass corn ornament from some friends who used to live in Iowa. You might not say “Macy’s” when you see it but it’s lovely to us 

Jack is going back to school tomorrow. YIPPEEE!!!!