Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Miss America!

My dear Miss America fans. I have not forgotten you.
My Tivo watching of Miss America Reality Check has been sadly interrupted by such trivial things like homework and dinner and laundry.
But I promise to write about the show soon.
And our upcoming crowning which will be on January 26, a mere 11 days ** ELEVEN DAYS ** from today.
I see the union writers put a stop to the Golden Globes show. Ha.
I'd like to see those writers try and mess with Miss America. She'd let those them have it -- right in their own golden globes, if you get my drift.

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Michelle in the 'fish said...

Being without a TV (for 10 years now!), we have not been too impacted by the writer's strike. What exactly has to be 'written' for the Miss A Pageant anyway? Twirl baton here, whistle while straddling pony there, and sashay in the swim togs to the front of the line? Really, the show will go on I'm sure ;-)

Okay, need to know. What's your bet on Miss SD?