Sunday, January 27, 2008

Miss Michigan takes crown...

Hellooooooo my Miss America sisters! How about that show last night??!!! I liked it. It was interesting to see how the producers really tied in TLC's "Reality" show with the actual competition night. Interesting, because 3 of the final 10 of last night were also named in the top 10 from TLC's 'Miss America Reality Check' show. Hmmmmmmm....

While Miss Michigan was not my top choice (I was rooting for Miss Washington, especially after her come hither vocal performace of 'Angels') I salute Miss MI anyway. Did ya know she's only 19 years old? Oh my. And her grandmother was named Miss Michigan in 1944. Awwww. Like it was meant to be.

A few notes from the show. Love how they sat the contestants on stage as they were booted off. And offered them donuts and chocolate.
My hands down favorite moment was Miss Utah's push up send-off as she was eliminated from the top 16. Awww... I bet if America voted for the winner, SHE'D be our new Sweetheart. I predict we will see more of Miss Utah. Notably missing from the show: a proper runway for our newly-crowned to take her traditional rose carryin' parade wavin' walk. Sniff.

Set your TiVo to see one of Miss America 2008's first appearances on Live! with Regis and Kelly, Monday, 9:00am.

That's it for now, my Miss America sisters. Whether your push-ups be on the ground or part of your underwear -- here's to you Miss America.

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