Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here she comes...

Miss America!

The most wonderful time of the year. Yes it is, my pageant friends. And our beloved one will soon be named in fabulous Las Vegas -- this Saturday, January 26 at 8:00pm.

A number of you (Tina) have asked my opinion of TLC's Miss America Reality Check program. Yes, I have been watching. And I actually like this show. Mostly because it gives us a little glimpse into who these girls are. Or want to be, I guess. When would the Miss America faithful ever get to know Miss Alaska like we have these past few weeks? Miss Alaska, darling as she's sure to be, is never a front runner for the crown. Not sure if she's ever made it into the top 10 or even 20. But on TLC's show, airing Friday's 10/9 central, we get to see some of the 53 compete in a number of "improvised" activities such as makeovers, style tips, runway walk lessons and other events. Votes are taken but no one is kicked off. And we get to meet contestants like Miss Alaska, who talks about herself too much, and offends a few other girls along the way. But who among us didn't do exactly the same thing when we were 20-something? Hello, raise your hands, I dare you.

Now I do take offense about the show's title and premise. "Miss America Reality Check." This would imply that America's Sweetheart is in need of a reality check. Says who? Do we really want Miss America to be "just like us"
NO ! That would be no fun, and boring, besides. We love her pageant hair, walk, and swimsuit just as she is, thank you very much. So some of themakeovers have been cute and the tips useful but you can be sure that come competition night, our ladies are back to their hair sprayin', chicken cutlet wearin', pageant wavin' old selves.
As you were ladies.

On Friday I'll post my annual top 10 predictions. If I can sneak away at work, I'll try and post some preliminary competition winner info. But until Friday, I leave you, my Miss America Sisters, with a wave of my wand and tip of my crown.

P.S. To Michelle: Miss South Dakota dreams in her lifetime, "to stand on the moon and watch the Earth rise over the horizon." Take that Miss North Dakota.

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