Friday, January 25, 2008

Miss America - the Top 10 predictions

The votes are in! The preliminary winners chosen! Right now in Las Vegas, 52 lovely ladies are checking gowns and sashes, hairspray and bobby pins, and practicing that pageant wave we love so much. From 52 the bunch will be narrowed to 15 and then precious final 10. Not to worry, everyone gets something -- each contestant receives a minimum $3,000 scholarship, just for showing up. Plus extra amounts for winning any preliminary competitions on the three nights before our #1 is named.

In previous years, as the pageant seemed to struggle to finance itself, Miss America endured a pay cut, but this year she'll once again receive the traditional $50,000 scholarship, plus all kinds of goodies to go with that. For her trouble, she'll spend the next year on a relentless speaking and engagement calendar, which for the current title holder included endless TV appearances, ribbon cuttings,ww meetings with the troops, scouts, schools, churches, businesses and hospitals.

If I could say one thing about Miss America 2007 Lauren Nelson -- that girl knows how to show off a crown properly! She wore it day in and day out ! On the head! Photo after photo, she was modeling her glittering prize. God bless her. Let's hope Miss A '08 keeps it up. And on.

'Nuff said. Here are my top 10 predictions.

1. Miss Connecticut
2. Miss Texas
3. Miss Massachusetts
4. Miss Michigan
5. Miss Iowa
6. Miss Rhode Island
7. Miss Nevada
8. Miss Florida
9. Miss Oaklahoma
10. Miss Utah

And what about Miss California? She usually makes the top 10. I haven't heard much about her this year. But she should be on your radar.

While Miss Alaska's not on the list, there's always the chance that viewers could vote her in as the people's choice candidate. A 16th finalist will be chosen based on votes on TLC's Miss America Reality Check website. I'd vote for Miss Utah if I could figure out where to vote on the site, argh. Miss Utah's a medic in the armed forces (not sure which one) and totally kicks a$$. She's also got a cute short haircut too. Her platform: Emergency Preparedness for Everyone. Now that's something we out here in earthquake country can really get our heads around. She might even include her crown in her emergency stash.

May the best, and most fabulous, woman win.

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