Monday, April 25, 2011

95 page royal briefing!

It just goes to show you that when the Brits do a royal wedding, they do it right. Check out this posting from the official royal wedding website today:

Latest Royal Wedding media briefing download now available

A selected guest list and seating plan is now available in the latest media briefing document. Download the latest Royal Wedding media briefing document.

Holy Elizabeth! And I thought I couldn't get enough details about the royal plans. This 95 page "brief" contains every little detail, and I mean EVERY LITTLE detail you could possibly want to know about the wedding. The length of the Bentley that Prince William will ride to the church in. The number of harnesses on the horses for the ride to and from the wedding. The name of the sub-organist at Westminster Abbey. The name of the wedding photographer's children. And on and on.

I'd like to meet the team that wrote the document. Well done, chaps.

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